Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q. Is part of the trail closed?
A.  No, all three trails are OPEN in River Place Neighborhood, Panther Hollow, The Fern Trail, and Canyon Trail.



2.Q. Why is there a chain fence near part of the trail now?

A.  Cortana Nature Preserve is immediately next to our trails and the one section where our lands are within 5 feet of their land the City of Austin and USFW have put up a fence to ensure the protection of the environment.



3. Q. What Hours is the trail open?

A.  All  three of the trails are open from Dawn to Dusk, seven days a week, Monday thru Sunday.



4.Q. Is it over, working to save the trails in River Place Neighborhood?

A. NO, it’s not over, in November/December of 2017 all River Place Residence will need to get the word our and MORE IMPORTANTLY – VOTE – VOTE – VOTE for our MUD to turn into a Parks and Recreation Group.  More detail information will be posted on this website when we are ready to start spreading the word and making sure accurate information is communicated to the neighborhood.  If we don’t vote for this, then the City of Austin would be responsible for managing our trails and parks and would have the power to close our great trails.  To ensure that NEVER happens we MUST have our MUD turn into the Parks and Recreation Group. They will do a much better job of keeping our parks looking great as well as keeping our trails OPEN and MAINTAINED properly.



6.Q. How can I help?

A. Join the Friends of River Place trail, and encourage others to do so. Make a voluntary contribution to help pay the modest costs for our work. Be prepared to contact the proper elected officials when we send out action alerts as this process moves along.