Friends of River Place Trail

This site is maintained by citizens who support reopening the River Place Nature Trail, Austin Texas and is not affiliated with the River Place MUD.


Citizens working together to re-open the Panther Hollow Trail in River Place

Trail Clean Up Day

Saturday August 9, 2014   8:00am

Upper Trail Entrance

Come out and help cut back the invasive non-native plants, doing this helps us keep our trail.

The MUD has a trail management document (created by Amanda Aurora of SWCA) about how to keep the trail as natural as possible without invasive non-native plants growing and taking natural resources away from the native plants which animals use to survive.  Animals such as the golden cheek warbler.  WE can make a difference by helping keep the trail clear of these plants twice a year. 

Sign Up Today:

We welcome all boy scouts, girl scouts, national honor society, trail lovers, neighborhood supporters to come out and help, the more we have the faster cleaning up the trial will go.  Spread the word and bring a friend to help.


  1. 1.Gloves

  2. 2.Water

  3. 3.Hat

  4. 4.Any of the following: Clippers, Tree Branch Cutters, Axe, Machetes/Hatchets, weed pullers

  5. 5.Signed Waiver Click Here to print, sign and bring to Trail Clean Up Day


Kimberly Ohlson

President, Friends of River Place Trail

Please consider making a small donation, there are costs to keep the website and email going so that we can keep you updated.  Any amount is appreciated.