Fern Trail

This trail has the most waterfalls and lots of ferns all over the lower part of the trail and close to the waterfalls and creek.

The Canyons Trail

This trail starts at the end of the Fern Trail and heads up along side the River Place Country club golf course.  You will see many pools of water and a few more waterfalls.

Panther Hollow Trail

This has the highest elevation change in the Austin area, a great trail to train for hiking the Grand Canyon.

We have three trails in the River Place Neighborhood.  Fern Trail, The Canyons and Panther Hollow.  Hike them all from top to bottom for a rigorous 5.5 mile roundtrip hike.

Many Volunteer Options

We have many different volunteer needs over the course of the year. See the many different options below.


Volunteer, we have lots of projects!

Help clean up the trail, we hold two events a year and needs 20-40 volunteers.


Bird Counting

The golden cheek warbler lives right in our backyard, help us keep track of how many birds we have living along the trails.


Keep our Trail safe

Please help us keep the trail safe by reporting vandelism, trail maintenance needs, and unsafe hives on the trail.


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