We have three trails in the River Place Neighborhood:  Little Fern, Canyon, and Panther Hollow. The trails all converge at Panther Junction.

Little Fern Trail

Little Fern Trail is the most scenic trail in the system, in the opinion of most hikers. It is a mellow .5-mile hike from the trailhead at the lower end of River Place Blvd to Panther Junction, where it joins the Canyon and Panther Hollow trails. The trail runs downhill from the trailhead to Panther Junction, with about 175 feet of cumulative descent in that direction. This trail is a great choice for a moderate, scenic hike

Please note that parking is very limited at the Little Fern trailhead, so the best option for exploring this cool trail is to combine it with Panther Hollow or Canyon and start at one of those trailheads. 

Canyon Trail

The Canyon Trail is the “top dog” of the River Place trail system, extending 2.3 miles from the trailhead at the upper end of River Place Blvd to Panther Junction, where it meets the end of the Little Fern and Panther Hollow trails. The Canyon Trail is a popular training trail, as it has lots of stairs and elevation change. The trail runs downhill from the trailhead to Panther Junction, but due to the up-and-down terrain you’ll still get about 400 feet of climbing in that direction. Hike it in the reverse direction, and you’ll get a whopping 900 feet of accumulated climbing. A popular training hike is an out-and-back hike starting at the trailhead and turning around at Panther Junction, giving you 4.6 miles with 1300’ of climbing along the way. 


Many River Place trail regulars use the Canyon Trail as a training course to prepare for popular strenuous hikes such as the Grand Canyon and Guadalupe Peak. For example, doing two out-and-backs of the Canyon Trail will give you 9.2 miles and 2600’ feet of climbing, a good simulation of the Guadalupe Peak trail which is a round trip of 8.5 miles with 3000’ of climbing. 

Panther Hollow Trail

The Panther Hollow trail is a flat, .5-mile easy hike along Panther Creek. The trailhead is at the pond at the lower end of Big View Dr and the trail ends at Panther Junction, where it meets the Little Fern and Canyon trails. The Panther Hollow Trail is the best choice for children, walkers who don’t regularly hike or who aren’t as comfortable walking on rough terrain, or for an easy stroll with the pups. 

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